Free Tools for VMware Administrators

In this blog, i will be sharing Free Tools for VMware Administrators that will help VMware administrators to manage the Virtual environment efficiently. Below list contains various Free tools that include Backup Tools, Health monitoring, Monitoring tools and Syslog servers.

Sl No Tool Name  Description Developed by Version Download Link
1 VMware Communities (VMTN) Public Forum for all VMware technical queries Click Here
2 SSL Certificate Automation Tool 5.5 The SSL Certificate Automation Tool is a command-line utility that automates the Self- or CA-signed certificate renewal process. Of particular significance is the Update Steps Planner, which allows you to plan the sequence of certificate updates for the components. This prevents errors in the process that might otherwise occur.

Guide for SSL Certificate replacement – Click Here

VMware 5.5 Click Here
3 vSphere Client Download URLs for VMware vSphere Client VMware All Versions Click Here
4 vSphere Management Assistant vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) allows administrators and developers to run scripts and agents to manage ESXi hosts and vCenter Server systems. vMA is a virtual machine that includes prepackaged software, a logging component, and an authentication component that supports non-interactive login. VMware 6.5 Click Here
5 VMware Software Manager VMware Software Manager is a free product that dramatically simplifies the download of VMware suites and products. VMware 1.5 Click Here
6 VMware PowerCLI VMware PowerCLI provides a Windows PowerShell interface to the VMware vSphere, vCloud, vRealize Operations Manager, and VMware Horizon APIs. VMware PowerCLI includes numerous cmdlets, sample scripts, and a function library. VMware 6.5 Click Here
7 Auto Deploy GUI Auto Deploy GUI is a vSphere plug-in for the VMware vSphere Auto Deploy component. The GUI plug-in allows a user to easily manage the setup and deployment requirements in a stateless environment managed by Auto Deploy. Some of the features provided through the GUI include the ability to add/remove Depots, list/create/modify Image Profiles, list VIB details, create/modify rules to map hosts to Image Profiles, check compliance of hosts against these rules and re-mediate hosts. VMware Labs 6.0 Click Here
8 Certificate Manager for vCenter server Appliance 5.5 Certificate manager is a graphical user interface (GUI) application to replace digital certificates on the vCenter Server Appliance.  Easily deploy by selecting the components that need digital certificates replaced. This Fling works with vCenter Server Appliance 5.5. VMware Labs 1.0 Click Here
9 VMware vSphere compatibility Predictor This Fling scans all PSCs connected to a single PSC. It will detect the versions of all the vCenter Servers connected to PSCs and all the Solutions connected to vCenter Servers. It will then depict the connectivity in pictorial form. VMware Labs 1.0 Click Here
10 SDDC Discovery tool The SDDC Discovery Tool gives users a holistic view of their SDDC deployment. By collecting vCenter server credentials from the user, the tool is able to discover all of the products installed in the deployment by recursive probing. VMware Labs 1.0 Click Here
11 HCIBench HCIBench stands for “Hyper-converged Infrastructure Benchmark”. It’s essentially an automation wrapper around the popular and proven VDbench open source benchmark tool that makes it easier to automate testing across a HCI cluster. HCIbench aims to simplify and accelerate customer POC performance testing in a consistent and controlled way. The tool fully automates the end-to-end process of deploying test VMs, coordinating workload runs, aggregating test results, and collecting necessary data for troubleshooting purposes. VMware Labs Click Here
12 VMware OS Optimization Tool The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012/10 systems for use with VMware Horizon View. The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems. Since most Windows system services are enabled by default, the optimization tool can be used to easily disable unnecessary services and features to improve performance. VMware Labs b1084 Click Here
13 VMware Tools for Nested ESXi This VIB package provides a VMware Tools service (vmtoolsd) for running inside a nested ESXi virtual machine. VMware Labs 1.2 Click Here
14 VisualESXTop VisualEsxtop is an enhanced version of resxtop and esxtop. VisualEsxtop can connect to VMware vCenter Server or ESX hosts, and display ESX server stats with a better user interface and more advanced features. VMware Labs 1.0 Click Here
15 I/O Analyzer VMware I/O Analyzer is an integrated framework designed to measure storage performance in a virtual environment and to help diagnose storage performance concerns. I/O Analyzer, supplied as an easy-to-deploy virtual appliance, automates storage performance analysis through a unified interface that can be used to configure and deploy storage tests and view graphical results for those tests. I/O Analyzer can use Iometer to generate synthetic I/O loads or a trace replay tool to deploy real application workloads. VMware Labs 1.6.2 Click Here
16 vSphere HTML5 Web Client vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling is a standalone appliance that can be deployed in your existing or new vSphere 6.0 and later environments in a transparent manner. The Fling does not make any changes to your existing vCenter or Platform Services Controller components. Nor does it affect any operations, such as the use of the current vSphere Web Client, as it is meant to run side by side. VMware Labs 3.4.0 Click Here
17 ESXi Embedded Host Client ESXi Embedded Host Client is a native HTML and JavaScript application and is served directly from your ESXi host! VMware Labs 1.16.0 Click Here
18 VMSS2Core Vmss2core is a tool to convert VMware checkpoint state files into formats that third party debugger tools understand. It can handle both suspend (.vmss) and snapshot (.vmsn) checkpoint state files (hereafter referred to as a ‘vmss file’) as well as both monolithic and non-monolithic (separate .vmem file) encapsulation of checkpoint state data. This tool can produce core dump files for the Windows debugger (WinDbg), Red Hat crash compatible core files, a physical memory view suitable for the Gnu debugger gdb, Solaris MDB (XXX), and Mac OS X formats. VMware Labs 1.0.1 Click Here
19 View Client Resizer The View Client Resizer is a utility that resizes VMware Horizon Client for Windows desktop to a specific resolution. VMware Labs 1.0 Click Here
20 vSphere Content Library Assistance  vSphere Content Library Assistant. The Assistant will help you easily on-board your VC templates (.vmtx) on to Content Library. The Assistant will perform the following steps automatically: Scan datastores to discover VC templates, Recommend optimal inventorying intelligently, Create content library(s), Convert VC templates into OVFs, Import these OVF Templates into the newly created content library VMware Labs 1.0.0 Click Here
21 Horizon Toolbox 2 VMware Horizon Toolbox 2.0 is a Web portal that acts as an extension to View Administrator in VMware Horizon™ 6 or above. Features: Auditing performance, Client IP address auditing, Remote assistance, Console access, PowerOn policies and Installation file VMware Labs 2.1.2 Click Here
22 vCheck – VMware Daily Health Check Report vCheck is a PowerShell HTML framework script, the script is designed to run as a scheduled task before you get into the office to present you with key information via an email directly to your inbox in a nice easily readable format. Alan Renouf Click Here
23 HPE OneView for VMware vCenter HPE OneView for VMware vCenter is software for VMware’s vCenter management console which enables the vSphere administrator to quickly obtain context-aware information about HPE servers and HPE storage in their VMware vSphere environment directly from within vCenter.
This enables the vSphere administrator to easily manage physical servers and storage, data stores and virtual machines. By providing the ability to clearly view and directly manage relationships between virtual machines, and HPE Infrastructure, the VMware administrator’s productivity increases, as does the ability to ensure quality of service.
HP 8.1 Click Here
24 STOR2RRD SAN and storage performance and capacity monitoring XORUX 1.35 Click Here
25 LPAR2RRD Performance monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™ XORUX 4.95 Click Here
26 Veeam Backup Free Edition Veeam® Backup Free Edition is a must-have FREE tool for ad-hoc virtual machine (VM) backup, restore and management in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments. With no agents to deploy, powerful recovery options and VeeamZIP™, you get flexibility in options and a reliable solution for important VMs.
Whether you are locked in a legacy backup contract or are operating within a tight budget, you’ll find this FREE VM backup software helpful for your daily VM management.
Veeam 9.5 Click Here
27 Veeam FastSCP Veeam FastSCP can copy files over 6 times faster than WinSCP and other SCP-based tools as it uses full network capacity. The Veeam FastSCP engine also features traffic compression and empty block removal for best file copy performance. Note: Now Veeam FastSCP is part of Veeam Backup Free Edition Veeam Click Here
28 Veeam ONE Free Edition Veeam® ONE™ Free Edition is a risk-free way to experience many of the same benefits that Veeam ONE brings to virtualization management.
With no restrictions on the number of hosts, management servers and failover clusters on which you can monitor and report, Veeam ONE Free Edition helps improve your virtual environment’s Availability, detecting issues before they have operational impact with: 24×7 real-time monitoring, Easy documentation and management reporting, Resource optimization And more!
Veeam 9.5 Click Here
29 Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE Veeam® Endpoint Backup™ FREE provides a simple solution for backing up Windows-based desktops and laptops. With Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE, you can easily back up your PC to an external hard drive, NAS (network-attached storage) share or a Veeam Backup & Replication™ repository. And if your system crashes, hard drive fails, or a file gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can recover what you need in minutes — like it never even happened. Veeam 1.5 Click Here
30 Extrasphere Extrasphere is a set of tools for managing VM data in vSphere environments, including VM migration, hot mirroring and encryption scenarios. Extrasphere provides unique technology of VM disks and configuration migration without downtime for a standalone VMware ESXi 5.0-6.0 host. The migration of VM disks is totally downtime-free, while for configuration migration a very short pause of VM is required.

With Extrasphere you can perform conversion of VM disks from thin to thick and vice versa without affecting your business processes and what’s most important all can be done on a completely standalone ESXi host.

All operations can be done without having VMware vCenter and you also won’t need expensive vSphere license with Storage vMotion feature – Extrasphere supports even vSphere Hypervisor (free) license.

ⒺXTRASPHERE 2.0.8 Click Here
31 Unitrends Free PHD Virtual (now Unitrends) : Unitrends Free™ is free backup software that quickly deploys as a virtual appliance in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Unitrends Click Here
32 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Tool from Unitrends Unitrends BC/DR Link is a FREE web-based tool that helps you build your own custom DR plan, so you can confidently respond to a disaster and keep your business running no matter what. Unitrends Click Here
33 Free Disaster Recovery Calculator Automatically calculate how long it will take you to recover your critical VMware virtual machines and their applications.

The Unitrends Recovery Time Actual (RTA) Calculator is highly effective and easy to use—no training or help documentation required.

Unitrends Click Here
34 Cloud Cost Calculator Cloud Cost Calculator provides you with real-time decisions trading off public cloud performance and cost. Turbonomic Click Here
35 Virtual Health Monitor Virtual Health Monitor is a free virtualization monitoring and reporting tool for VMware, Hyper-V, RHEV, and XenServer environments. Virtual Health Monitor is a free real-time performance monitoring solution that can be deployed broadly across multiple hypervisor platforms. It enables you to gain visibility into your entire infrastructure, see and identify problems in real time, and generate performance and efficiency reports. Turbonomic Click Here
36 Altaro VM Backup Altaro VM Backup is an easy to use backup solution to back up and restore both Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines from within the same application. Note: Free for 2 VMs, forever Altaro 7.0 Click Here
37 RVTools RVTools is a windows .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display information about your virtual machines and ESX hosts.  RVTools is able to list information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks, Partitions, Network, Floppy drives, CD drives, Snapshots, VMware tools, Resource pools, Clusters, ESX hosts, HBAs, Nics, Switches, Ports, Distributed Switches, Distributed Ports, Service consoles, VM Kernels, Datastores, Multipath info and health checks. With RVTools you can disconnect the cd-rom or floppy drives from the virtual machines and RVTools is able to update the VMware Tools installed inside each virtual machine to the latest version. Rob de Veij 3.8.6 Click Here
38 VM Manager Plus VM Manager Plus is free virtualization monitoring tool powered by OpManager. OpManager is a comprehensive network management software which includes all features provided by VM Manager Plus. ManageEngine Click Here
39 ManageEngine OpManager OpManager v12.2, world’s first truly integrated network management software for faster and smarter network management. It out-of-the-box offers network monitoring , physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis and archiving, configuration and change management, and IP address and switch port management, thereby providing all the visibility and control that you need over your network. ManageEngine 12.2 Click Here
40 CI Manager Plus CI Manager Plus is free UCS monitoring tool powered by OpManager. OpManager is a comprehensive network management software which includes all features provided by CI Manager Plus. ManageEngine Click Here
41 Network Defender Plus Network Defender Plus is free security management tool powered by NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based bandwidth monitoring software which includes all features provided by NDP. ManageEngine Click Here
42 VM Monitor
For VMware® ESX Servers
Monitor CPU, memory utilization, and number of virtual machines configured and running
View detailed virtual machine health statistics including VM name, guest OS, and VM state
See processor, memory, and network usage
Solarwinds Click Here
43 VM Console Bounce problematic VMs without ever logging into VMware vCenter
Bounce (shutdown and restart) VMs without having to log in
Get end-to-end visibility into your VMware environment—from vCenter through ESX hosts to VM guests
Track real-time up/down status of your VMs from your desktop without logging into VMware apps
Solarwinds Click Here
44 Storage Response Time Monitor Get at-a-glance insight into host to datastore connections
Get insight into datastore connections with the worst response times
See the busiest VMs using those connections
See a breakdown of the datastore including type and device
Solarwinds Click Here
45 VM-to-Cloud Calculator Automatically inventory your virtual machines
Capture description, CPU, memory, storage, and count
Compare cost estimates from Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Servers
Easily generate updated estimates as your virtualized infrastructure evolves
Solarwinds Click Here
46 Free SAN Monitor Free SAN Monitor delivers the visibility you need to stay a superhero-sized step ahead of potential performance problems lurking in your storage array. Solarwinds Click Here
47  Free IP SLA Monitor  Free IP SLA Monitor enables you to quickly troubleshoot network slowdowns between sites and understand device-to-device performance using sophisticated Cisco IP SLA operations already built into your network. Solarwinds Click Here
48 Free TFTP Server Free multi-threaded TFTP Server uploads and downloads executable images and configurations to routers and switches with ease. It is the most robust, widely-trusted, and easiest-to-use free TFTP Server available. Solarwinds Click Here
49 Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition you can collect, view and archive up to 5 sources including routers, computers or other devices. Logs may also be written to disk—either in one large file or split up by day or priority. Solarwinds Click Here
50 Netwrix Change Notifier
for VMware
Track Changes Made to VMware host and virtual machine settings, creation and deletion of virtual machines Netwrix Click Here
51 Netwrix Change Notifier
for Active Directory
Track Changes Made to Active Directory users, groups and group membership, computers, organizational units and permissions Netwrix Click Here
52 Netwrix Change Notifier
for Group Policy
Track changes made to GPOs, GPO links, audit policy, password policy, software deployment Netwrix Click Here
53 Netwrix Change Notifier
for File Servers
Track changes made to Files, folders, shares, and permissions on your Windows-based file servers Netwrix Click Here
54 Netwrix Change Notifier
for Windows Server
Track changes made to Windows Server configuration, including installed software and hardware, local security settings, and registry settings Netwrix Click Here
55 Netwrix Disk Space Monitor Be alerted in real-time via email when disk space falls below certain thresholds on one or more of your servers. Netwrix Click Here
56 Netwrix Effective Permissions
Reporting Tool
Make sure that employees’ permissions correspond to their roles in your organization by checking who has permissions to what in Active Directory and file shares. Netwrix Click Here
57 Netwrix Service Monitor Monitor services on multiple servers simultaneously and be alerted via email when one or more services stop unexpectedly. Optionally, automatically restart monitored services ensuring maximum uptime. Netwrix Click Here
58 Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner Alerts on account lockouts and helps you troubleshoot each event and determine the root cause so you can quickly restore vital services. Accounts can be unlocked from the Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner console or your mobile device. Netwrix Click Here
59 Vembu VMBackup Vembu VMBackup provides an exclusive Free Edition for VMware environments where the user can take unlimited agentless VM Backup hosted in VMware ESXi host and vCenter server at zero cost. Vembu Click Here
60 Vembu Recovery CD Vembu Recovery CD eases up Bare-metal Recovery process by restoring the backed up image data of the source disk or partition to the same or new hardware. In addition to this, it is also used to set up the BCD boot configuration to the backed up image data. Vembu Click Here
61 Vembu Universal Explorer Vembu developed an exclusive tool Vembu Universal Explorer to instantly recover the individual Microsoft application items from the backed up data. Be it physical or virtual machine data, Vembu Universal Explorer recovers application items from Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Active Directory without restoring the entire VM backup and disk image backup. Vembu Click Here
62 Vembu NetworkBackup Backup unlimited files and folders from your Windows Desktops, Laptops and Mac machines without any feature restrictions. After initial full backup only the modified data will be backed up by Vembu NetworkBackup agent. Vembu Click Here
63 Vembu ImageBackup Vembu ImageBackup offers comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Windows Desktops and Laptops at FREE of cost. It backs up entire system image or individual volumes of Windows Desktops and Laptops. During system crash or any major disaster, Bare-metal Recovery (BMR) helps to recover the backed up Windows machines into same or different hardware. Vembu Click Here
64 Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition offers Backup and Recovery for both virtual and physical environments forever with no costs involved. With agentless backups for virtual environments, multiple recovery options, in-house file system for efficient storage management and secured data transmission, Vembu BDR Suite presents a free edition software which is best suited for all types of businesses who wish to experience the simple and comprehensive backup and recovery solution. Vembu Click Here
65 AutoConf iSCSI AutoConf iSCSI creates the iSCSI configuration following best practices for ESXi 4, 5 and 6 (new in version 2.1)
It currently works for HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE MSA P2000, HPE StoreVirtual and Dell Equallogic
SLYM Software 2.1 Click Here
66 vSphere Configuration Backup vSphere Configuration Backup is an automating tool for saving configurations of multiple ESXi and SQL databases. SLYM Software 1.8 Click Here
67 PingPort PingPort is a command-line utility that will let you ping a TCP port and see what is the latency between you and the pinged server. SLYM Software 1.1 Click Here
68 Xfer Calculator Xfer Calculator is a bandwidth/transfer time/transfer size calculator. SLYM Software 1.4 Click Here
69 PeekMon PeekMon is a free tool for monitoring servers. It’s very versatile and can be used on any type of server (Unix/Linux, Windows …). It actually connects to your server by opening a TCP socket on a defined port and will display the latency. SLYM Software 1 Click Here
70 HeavyLoad Free Stress Test Tool for Your PC. HeavyLoad puts your workstation or server PC under a heavy load and lets you test whether they will still run reliably. Jam Software 3.4 Click Here
71 UltraSearch UltraSearch searches folders and files on local NTFS drives. You can target file names or patterns. Works without an index and provides results within seconds. Portable version available. Jam Software 2.1 Click Here
72 SvSAN (Free Trial) SvSAN eliminates the need for physical SANs, prevents downtime for business critical applications, and lowers IT operating and acquisition cost.
StorMagic’s easy-to-use virtual SAN converts internal disk, flash and memory of two or more servers into a robust, shared-storage appliance.
StorMagic Click Here
73 RAID Calculator RAID calculator computes storage system characteristics based on the provided RAID level, number of disk drives, and drive capacity. wintelguy Click Here
74 Backup Calculator Backup Capacity Calculator evaluates required storage capacity for Backup wintelguy Click Here
75 Virtualization Calculator This tool calculates the number of hosts in a vSphere ESXi cluster based on the planned VM workload and host configuration. wintelguy Click Here
76 Port Database Search wintelguy Click Here
77 WAN Latency Estimator The primary purpose of this tool is to estimate WAN latency based on the light signal propagation time over a fibre link. This tool does not take into account any additional delays that may be introduced by communication protocols, routing, encryptions, data transformation, etc. wintelguy Click Here
78 IP Subnet Calculator This subnet calculator can help you with the following tasks:
Identify subnet parameters for a given IP address and subnet mask (or CIDR prefix).
Display subnet parameters for a number of consecutive subnets of the specified length.
wintelguy Click Here
79 MAC / WWN Lookup wintelguy Click Here
80 Brocade SAN Health Diagnostics Capture BROCADE SAN HEALTHGet an accurate view of your SAN environment with time-saving reports and enhanced change tracking. This powerful diagnostic uses a data capture application and a back-end report processing engine. After capturing switch diagnostic data, it automatically generates a Visio topology diagram and a detailed report of SAN fabrics, switches, and individual ports. Other useful information includes alerts, historical performance graphs, and recommended best practices. Brocade Click Here
81 FreeNAS FreeNAS is an operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share data over a network. FreeNAS is the simplest way to create a centralized and easily accessible place for your data. Use FreeNAS with ZFS to protect, store, backup, all of your data. FreeNAS is used everywhere, for the home, small business, and the enterprise. FreeNAS 9.1 Click Here
82 Openfiler Openfiler converts an industry standard x86_64 architecture system into a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway and provides storage administrators with a powerful tool to cope with burgeoning storage needs.
Openfiler ensures that storage administrators are able to make the best use of system performance and storage capacity resources when allocating and managing storage in a multi-platform network.
Openfiler provides key features such as iSCSI target for virtualization, Fibre Channel target support, block level replication and High Availabilty that are the mainstay of any business critical storage environment.
Openfiler 2.99.1 Click Here
83 PRTG Network Monitor PRTG Network Monitor is a free syslog server: one sensor type in PRTG is the Syslog Receiver, which receives and analyzes syslog messages, stored in a high performance database. This means that the content of received syslog messages can be checked and an alarm can be triggered depending on the content and severity. The freeware version of PRTG allows for up to 100 sensors. Paessler AG 17.1 Click Here
84 Webserver Stress Tool Webserver Stress Tool is a powerful HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical performance issues in your web site or web server that may prevent optimal experience for your site’s visitors. Paessler AG 8.0.0 Click Here
85 WhatsUp Syslog Server WhatsUp Gold’s free Syslog Server provides you with a feature rich tool to help you manage your syslog needs, including enhanced export capabilities. View the messages in real-time or filter results data the way you need to see it. Take charge of your network by understanding the data your devices are giving you. Ipswitch Click Here
86 Free Visual Traceroute Tool Free Visual Traceroute tool displays the route a packet takes across a network and provides detailed response time information hop-by-hop from start to finish, continuously, over a specified duration or one-time – you choose. Ipswitch Click Here
87 Free Port Scanner Identify active hosts using ICMP and TCP, Utilize multiple scanning deep-level technologies to find open ports, Bookmark scanning configurations as favorites for quick access, Utilize the included database of known ports, or customize it to your environment Ipswitch Click Here
88 WhatsUp Active Directory Monitor Keep track of the performance of an Active Directory Server with our free Active Directory Monitor. Ipswitch Click Here
89 Icinga 2 Monitoring a network with multitude of services, devices and dependencies between them is complex enough. No need to make set-up or maintenance of the monitoring system itself any more complex. That’s why Icinga 2 features a new configuration format that is intuitive to write, efficient to execute and even adjusts to the changing conditions of your environment at run-time. Icinga Click Here
90 Splunk Light Splunk Light is a comprehensive solution for small IT environments that automates log search and analysis. It speeds tactical troubleshooting by gathering real-time log data from your distributed applications and infrastructure in one place to enable powerful searches, dynamic dashboards and alerts, and reporting for real-time analysis Splunk 6.5.2 Click Here
91 Nagios Log Server Nagios Log Server is a powerful centralized enterprise-class log monitoring and management application that allows organizations to quickly and easily view, sort, and configure logs from any source on any given network. Log Server is designed to analyze, collect, and store log data based on custom specifications and provide users with extended insight into the data on their network’s infrastructure
All downloads feature a free 60-day fully functional version of the software.
Nagios Click Here
92 NAKIVO Backup & Replication – Free edition NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides image-based VMware VM backup. NAKIVO 6.2 Click Here
93 XSI Backup XSIbackup (Xerox your Server Inteligently) is a free VMWare backup solution designed for VMware ESXi 5.1 or above environments that allows to intelligently set up completely unattended backup solutions for your virtual machines. 33 Hops 9.0.1 Click Here
94 Rsync for ESXI Use rsync inside your ESXi box. Rsync compiled for ESXi 5.1 and above.
– Extended copy options between local datastores.
– Allows delta transfers between ESXi hosts.
– Allows delta transfers between an ESXi host and any other server executing a compatible Rsync version.
33 Hops 3.1.0 Click Here
95 XSIDiff Differential backup/copy software for VMWare ESXi and Linux 33 Hops Beta Click Here
96 ghettoVCB ghettoVCB script performs backups of virtual machines residing on ESX(i) 3.x, 4.x, 5.x & 6.x servers using methodology similar to VMware’s VCB tool. The script takes snapshots of live running virtual machines, backs up the master VMDK(s) and then upon completion, deletes the snapshot until the next backup Click Here
97 PuTTY PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. Open Source 0.67 Click Here
98 WinSCP WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client and SCP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality. Open Source 5.9.4 Click Here
99 Rufus (Bootable USB Drive Utility) Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. Akeo Consulting 2.12 Click Here
100 ESXi-Customizer-PS ESXi-Customizer-PS is a Powershell script that greatly simplifies and automates the process of creating fully patched and customized ESXi 5.x and 6.x installation ISOs using the VMware PowerCLI ImageBuilder module/snapin.  Andreas Peetz 2.5 Click Here
101 ESXi-Customizer ESXi-Customizer is a user-friendly script that automates the process of customizing the ESXi install-ISO with drivers that are not originally included. Unlike other scripts and manuals that are available for this purpose ESXi-Customizer runs entirely on Windows and does not require any knowledge of or access to Linux.  Andreas Peetz 2.7.2 Click Here

Hope you find this useful. Thanks for reading, Keep sharing.

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